Anfachen Ausstellung

Kachelraum, Galerie

Anfachen –


a fire; stoke the embers; to blow, to burn, to ignite; to set fire to; to spark, inflame, provoke, trigger; to spark;

to set on fire; to catch fire; to light; to kindle; to stimulate, encourage; to incite; to spur on; to trigger, release,

activate; to unleash; to arouse; to awaken; to give rise to; to provoke, to tempt; to stimulate, to turn on; to cause,

to trigger, to bring about; to evoke, to call forth; to awaken, to arouse; to arouse, to spark; to start the ball rolling –


The poster competition for ANFACHEN AWARD will debut in Hamburg in 2016. The competition is to be held annually covering various topics.


In September the Jury will meet up in the exhibition space of the Frappant e.V. to select the winning posters and

to present together with other artist the titel of the Award „Anfachen“ in an own exhibition.


these artist will show their works:

Prof. Klaus Staeck (GER), Götz Gramlich (GER), Jaschi Klein (GER),

Jens Uwe Meyer (GER), Judith Ritter (GER), Paula Troxler (CH) curated by Julia Melzner


poster design, illustration, installation, photography


Frappant gallery

Bodenstedtstraße 16, 22765 Hamburg


Vernissage, friday, the 9th of September 2016 at 7 pm


Opening times:

10.–11.09.2016, 2 – 8 pm


supported from the Kulturbehörde Hamburg and the

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft


(Gefördert aus Mitteln der Programmförderung für die freien Kunstorte und -Initiativen der Kulturbehörde Hamburg

und von der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.)