Kachelraum, Galerie

Neue Empiriker

Reset Your Imagination and Re-represent Empirical Present with the Landscape of New Temporality


Andrea Becker-Weimann (German)

Jin Kyoung Chang (Korean)

Sane Jung (Korean)

Yujin Jung (Korean German)

Jeonghan Kim (Korean)

Jaewook Lee (Korean)

Noa Im (Korean)

Jinwoo Nam (Korean)

Younseok Oh (Korean)

Jiwon Seo (Korean)

Antony Ward (French)

Paul Zürker (German)


curated by Yongdo Jeong



Freitag, 11 Dezember 2015 um 19:00 Uhr



12.12. - 20.12.2015, Samstags und Sonntags von 15-19 Uhr


Neue Empiriker – Exhibition Usages


§1: Neue Empiriker, an artist group founded in 2011, Seoul, likes to invite artists who has been able to interpret their works into new utilities of utmost present in the sense of new media, new temporality, new presence, and new things of suspended time.


§2: This year’s Neue Empiriker artist group exhibition expands our artists’ creative works into a borderless global interaction based on a floating landscape of limitless changes.


§3: The focus is

1) the function of images

2) how art can be judged (likely by artists), defined and accepted

3) who actually owns the images floating into our human world, and

4) what are the most important themes our natural senses tell us about the world and how we find these themes. When these ideas flow into the world of living humans, zen-like questions about how they interact with us don’t offer objective guideposts but lead us into the territory of wonder.


§4: We must give up representation to the image itself, since the empirical aspects of our human world and act as means of communication between distinct beings, encouraging an expansion of our universe in a kind of cosmology of imagination. Still, an unanswered question always lingers: Who is going to have faith in this system of who-where-what-when we generate and regenerate?