Skulptur, Objekte, Video, Performance


Pierre Allain, Maxime Chabal, Olga Mathilde Gärtner, Viktor Petrov, Stina Elisabeth Stühmer, Sofiia Yesakova, Jannis Weu

Kuratiert von Maxime Chabal, Stina Elisabeth Stühmer

Vernissage: 27.10.23, 19:00
Sa 28.10 + So 29.10, 14 - 18 Uhr

Do 02.11, 19 Uhr Lecture Performance und Screening von Maxime Chabal
Sa 04.11, 19 Uhr, Finissage, Performance (Gallerie) von Jannis Weu und Party (Kachelraum)

my fruiting body presses against the fogged windshield
thousand faceted eyes catatonically starring

on all the other pulsating membranes
A raindrop falls on a flickering screen

breaks the placeholder image hide and seek in a hive of profiles
put a dove and a drone in a bird cage

put a nuclear warhead and a chihuahua in a smarthome And down in the moss your head can give birth to the self injected mosquitos

while the rhizoids sing of all that happened
(Text by Jannis Weu)